Goal Setting For Success: How to Use Visualization to Set Goals

Goal Setting for Success: 5 Steps to Get Clarity on What's Inside

Goal setting is an important component of living your most happy life.  Goals allow us to grow, to improve, to step into new versions of ourselves.   Following a systemized process can drastically improve your chances not only of achieving what you set out to do, but also of ensuring that your goals are truly in alignment with what YOU want.  

What do I mean by that?  Let’s take a closer look at factors that go into goal setting and how to maximize your effectiveness in successfully reaching that goal.  

1. What’s the goal?  
To hone in on goals that truly resonate with you, it’s important to remove external factors and influences.  It’s important to get clarity on what you really value and the belief systems that you hold true for yourself.  If you set a goal based on some external cue, another person’s value system or simply to please someone, you’re much more likely to fall short.  Goals set for YOUR authentic reasons will produce a much higher sense of satisfaction when they’re attained.  This is your chance to tune out the noise and really listen to what your inner guidance is saying to you.  Take charge of your happiness.  

2. Why do you care? 
Now it’s time to get clarity on the driving forces behind the goals you’re setting.  Goals become powerful and transformative when there are strong emotional drivers backing them.  Tune in and find out WHY this would create a happier life.  Use emotions and feelings to give new depth to WHY it matters to you.  How will you feel?  Familiarize yourself with all the sensory aspects of that future moment in time. 

3. How are you going to make it happen?
Taking thoughtful action steps is the last part of this process!  Once you’ve laid that strong foundation, this is where the change takes place.  But these steps will be far more effective once you’ve got the clarity of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  Creating life changing and long lasting results comes in part from replacing old habits with new ones.

Creating healthy habits takes time and effort!  Habits are actually hard wired into our brains.  When we do something repeatedly these neural pathways become more and more solidified.  This is great for simplifying day to day tasks [imagine if you had to think about how to tie your shoes EVERY time you did it!], but when it comes to breaking a habit and replacing it with something new, you can see how this is actually a process of weakening old connections in our brains while forming new ones.  

This is why willpower alone is not enough to sustain long term goals.  Repeated, consistent action with emotional cues is the key to reaching new thresholds.

In the video below I'll teach you how to set achievable goals that motivate you to succeed by using visualization. With a meditation and visualization exercise, I'll show you how to use the power of your heart and your mind to ignite the passion you need to achieve getting fit once and for all and having the body that you want. You will experience how to visualize your health goals and understand why visualization helps you achieve your health goals.

This is Part 1 of a two-part series to first identify what goal you want to achieve in terms of your ideal health, weight, fitness and healthy lifestyle. Goal setting with visualization techniques is a powerful way to engage body and mind.


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Without passion to fuel the process of losing weight and becoming fitter, it's too difficult to make the daily habit changes to achieve your goals. I will lead you step by step in how to find your passion that will FUEL your commitment to making your healthy body a reality.

To help you with this process, I've created an interactive guide that you can download below.  Goal Setting for Success: 5 Steps to Clarity on What’s Inside takes you through the steps to get clarity on WHAT your goals are, WHY you’ve set these specific goals and HOW to take action to be successful in achieving your dream goals.  You’ll find more success in this practice by getting very specific in what you want.  You can repeat as you set new future goals. 


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Goal Setting for Success: 5 Steps to Clarity on What's Inside | BY SHIRLEY ARCHER

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