Quick Tips on How to Increase Your Fitness Motivation

  1. Find your WHY. Figure out why you want to exercise. Connect with your heart. How will your life improve? Will you have more energy, be slimmer, more attractive, or more successful? How will you be different from who you are today? Identify the specific reasons why you want to exercise and visualize yourself as that person.
  2. Get support from friends and family. Tell everyone in your inner circle your goal and ask for support. Studies show social support—even from your dog—is the best way achieve your exercise goals. And, with everyone rooting for you, how can you not reach your goals?
  3. Make training appointments. Make yourself accountable to others. Schedule walks or training sessions with a friend or consider hiring a trainer. We are typically more responsible to others than to ourselves, which is why dog owners are often more active and fitter!
  4. Track progress and celebrate weekly achievements. Make time to notice your accomplishments. Set weekly measurable goals. For example, if you’re exercising only 2 days a week, set a goal to do it 3 times a week and plan what reward you will receive. Oftentimes, we forget to acknowledge our small successes. Keep your mindset positive by seeing all the good that you are doing and your positive attitude will keep you going.
  5. Get mindful. Start practicing mindfulness with even simple daily breathing exercises or a body scan. Over time, this will improve your concentration and help you stay connected when your actions diverge from your goals. In other words, you’ll notice when your behavior isn’t helping you to get what you want OR you may change your goals as you discover more accurately what you really desire. Either way, it’s a win for you to create a happier life with more of what you really want in it.