2 Proven Ways to Feel Happier Right Now

Get that Happy FriYAY feeling everyday!

Have you noticed how some days you wake up and feel happier? For example, it's Friday and you feel great—or, it's a holiday or a birthday. You're smiling, you're energetic, you're looking forward to and feeling positive about the day.

Happiness is always in the present moment. Even if we think we'll be happier after some particular goal is achieved, if we're not able to experience happiness now, we're not likely to experience more happiness in the future.

To be happier, you can practice positivity. 

2 Proven Instant Happiness Boosters:

1. Reach out. Send an SMS or email to someone you care about, call up or meet with a friend or loved one. Take two minutes to express that you care to someone you value in your life. 

2. Do something that makes you smile.  Play with your dog or with kids. Listen to a comedian. Enjoy favorite music. Soak in a hot bath. Do something you love for the sheer joy of it—no other reason—even if it's only for a few minutes. 

These tips come from happiness science studies in "prioritizing positivity", a characteristic of people who are happier. Happy people consistently make time to do activities that they enjoy and spend time with people that they like.

A key takeaway from STUDIES is that the happiest people live happily each day, rather than seek happiness.

Take a minute and boost your happiness right now.

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Research findings that support these points are discussed in this study by happiness researcher and principal investigator, Barbara Frederickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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