Want to Get in Shape Faster? Exercise Outdoors

Green Exercise Research Update

As you know, I follow green exercise research.

Green exercise is intentionally exercising outdoors to enjoy not only the physical benefits of being active, but also the additional health benefits that come from doing the exact same activity outside, instead of inside.  That's right, step for step and move for move, the same activity done outside is better for you, than training inside. Read this post for my introduction to Green Exercise.

improve your fitness more quickly by training outside

If you're looking to improve your fitness level, here are some fascinating findings when comparing indoor and outdoor running. The same athletes outside experienced the following:

1. Enhanced performance

2. Increased satisfaction


3. Less perceived effort running outdoors when compared with treadmill running

4. Less tension, confusion, anger and depression

5. More feelings of being refreshed, restored and revitalized

6. Better mood

7. Better ‘optic flow’—a cue for assessing fatigue and exertion—resulting in athletes working harder than they physiologically perceive

You can read about some of these studies here.

You also burn more calories, use more core muscles and train longer while feeling less tired. The reasons for these benefits is that wind resistance and terrain variations, like ruts in the grass and bumpy surfaces, provide challenges that you must overcome by working harder and becoming fitter in the process.

More benefits new studies have uncovered

  • Less anxiety
  • Better mood
  • More energy and vitality
  • More pain relief 
  • Stronger immune system

I'm particularly excited about the findings related to boosting your immune system—the key to optimal health.

If you're looking to add variety, get fit faster and  your current fitness routine, take it outside. A whole host of benefits await you.

If training outside is one of your goals and you'd like to boost it, use the Goal Setting For Success Workbook to help you plan.  Download your free copy here. 

I'd love to hear what sort of green exercise you enjoy.  WRITE in comments below.  If you know someone who might find this information on green exercise and its benefits useful, share it with them! 



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