10 Ways to Stay Fit at the Holidays

10 Ways To Get and Stay Fit At The Holidays—It's easier than you think

It is possible to find time for exercise during the holidays. And, it will help you stay sane and calm, improve your sleep, boost your energy levels and make jumping back into a routine program in January that much easier.

So, let’s do this! Get motivated with these fun and social fitness ideas. Find more ways to be active and to squeeze in exercises whenever possible, while enjoying a festive, happy and healthy holiday season. Remember, you can keep up your fitness during the holidays. Look for chances to get moving whenever you can. Every step counts!

Your Holiday Fitness Tips:

1. Avoid “All or Nothing” thinking (ie, if you skip one workout, you don’t have to skip all of them; if you don’t have time for a one-hour workout, you can still do 20 minutes)

2. Increase lifestyle activity (ie, get up every hour if you’re sitting, walk more, carry things yourself, use stairs instead of elevators, stir cookie dough instead of using a mixer)

3. Dance! (when you go out, wear or bring flat shoes for walking so you can park further away and walk to your party destination - think like Serena Williams at the royal wedding party)

4. Every hour do a toning or stretching exercise during the day (try wall or sink push-ups, do squats when you brush your teeth or as you get up or sit down at your chair, do lunges by taking stairs two at a time - click here for 5 free Fitness 9 to 5 easy exercises)

5. Have active social get togethers – meet up for ice skating, holiday walks or a power mall walk while you carry shopping bags in a backpack

6. Volunteer for active chores: rake, shovel, carry and stack firewood, etc

7. Ask for your favorite fitness gifts to keep you motivated (do you need a new tracker? or how about a subscription to an online workout app? what will motivate you to move more?)

8. Create a family walking tradition before or after the holiday meal & play active games with the kids

9. Sign up for a Holiday Fun Run/Walk or a New Year’s Run/Walk

10. Look for holiday deals at fitness clubs (discounted trainer fees, small group training, reduced rates, etc)

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