Tools For Stretching: Try The Stretch Out Strap

I discovered the Stretch Out Strap over 15 years ago and yet it still remains one of the best stretching tools that I've found.

* Easy to use


* Portable (keep one always in  your suitcase)

I've used it for my students in my group classes; I give one to all of my private training clients; I use it myself.

Here's how to squeeze much needed DAILY stretching.

* Take hourly breaks at your desk or computer

* Keep strap on or in desk.


Favorite Daily Stretch:

To prevent slouched posture:

* Hold band overhead using the loops a comfortable distance apart.    

* Pull your belly button in toward your spine (to prevent over arching your back)

* Lower your arms comfortably behind you. It’s important NOT to strain.

* Hold for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, as comfortable for you.

* Breathe deeply, in and out through your nose while holding and feel the stretch in the front of your chest and shoulders.

When finished, slowly release and lower the strap in front of you. Try it!