Tools For Stretching: Try The Stretch Out Strap

Tools For Stretching:  Try The Stretch Out Strap

I discovered the Stretch Out Strap over 15 years ago and yet it still remains one of the best stretching tools that I have found.  Most people need to add more stretching into their day, but don’t know how to squeeze it in. I recommend using breaks while working at your desk or computer.

The Real Cost... of Fitness

The Real Cost... of Fitness

When exercise drops off your to-do list, it can be a costly omission. In addition to helping beat stress, “regular exercise strengthens your immune system and boosts your mood, both of which can reduce your risk for colds, flu and more,” says Richard Kratche, MD, medical director for the Cleveland Clinic’s Twinsburg Family Health and Surgery Center. Even bigger, it can prevent, delay or improve conditions and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and arthritis. So those treadmill sessions can trim your thighs and your budget—of prescription co-pays, doctor bills and hospital visits. And workouts can help you be a healthier, calmer parent: priceless. Here’s what you can expect to invest in some common fitness options.