Take Care of your Décolletage

The décolletage is a French term that refers to a neckline that emphasizes or exposes cleavage—it also refers to the skin exposed by such a neckline, including the neck, upper shoulders, and upper chest and breasts. As I wrote in my book, Busting Out: Putting Your Best Breasts Forward, skin care for their area is an absolute must! The reason is that this area is thin-skinned and the chest is angled upward toward the sun, receiving much too much exposure. Please remember to not only put sunscreen on your face, but also the delicate décolletage.

This is an important beauty tip. No matter how well you take care of your facial skin, if you neglect the décolletage, it will undermine your best efforts. I'm including some recommended products, but if you have other favorites, use them and share with us your results.

Anti-oxidant base layer: Use an anti-oxidant rich serum or cream on freshly washed skin. This fights the skin-damaging free radicals that are stimulated by sunlight. I love Vitamin-C serum. Right now, I’m using Glo.therapeutics Super Serum, with Peptides, Antioxidants and growth factor.

Sunscreen: Use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15. You can use your sunscreen as part of your BB cream, or you can apply it separately. Regardless of which product you use, be sure to apply sunscreen generously—a quarter size squirt in your palm—and often. For example, If you’ve been active outdoors, re-apply each hour. I love and use La Roch-Posay sunscreen as it is high quality, dermatologist recommended and very effective.

Be sure to do this on a daily basis because even when it’s cloudy outside, you can still be subjected to damaging sun rays. It’s the best skin care policy by far. Be beautiful every day!