How to be More Mindful at the Spa: Awaken Your Senses

During a recent trip to London, UK, I had the indulgent pleasure of visiting ESPA Life at Corinthia, London’s most exclusive, most luxurious spa, offering world-class pampering treatments and spa/fitness facilities. I was especially interested in exploring their mindfulness philosophy, an essential element of their integrated approach to natural beauty and inner calm. Find out about my visit here!

I was hosted by the lovely Rachel Burke, Spa Manager (photo together below). My adventure began with a beautiful lunch of lightly seared salmon, fresh vegetables and a delicious chamomile tea based mocktail—a sensual feast. Rachel explained that the spa menu is designed to start the cultivation of mindfulness with a visually attractive, textural and flavorful meal. I savored every yummy bite, taking care to enjoy not only all the foods, but also the soothing white atmosphere, beautiful warm fire and plush, cozy sofas.

My next phase was experiencing the spa features designed with architectural lighting and structures featuring all the elements (earth, wood, water, fire and metal). Every sense was awake. First, a dip in the warm Jacuzzi pool with several stations for muscle massages. Next, water walking and stretching in the cooler pool, followed by a stint in the glass walled sauna in a central location surrounded by fireplaces. After a brief rest, I moved on to the spacious steam room. At this point, not only was I fully in the moment, but I felt peaceful, relaxed and completely blissed. After another brief rest, it was time for my treatment.

“Mindful Sleep”, a signature treatment, includes a personalized massage with hot stones, a therapeutic scalp massage, breathing and visualization techniques, followed by a Yoga Nidra session, which is the yoga of sleep. I emerged so relaxed, I felt as if I had lost 10 pounds of stress from my shoulders. Afterwards, my therapist, Angel, who truly is an Angel, gave me an herbal blend of calming tea. Unfortunately, since I had to catch my plane, I could not partake of the Sleep Pod, but more reason to return again and soon!

This experience is a wonderful reminder to us all to remember to indulge our senses as a way to heighten mindfulness and to make time for self-care—even if it’s as simple as a warm bath followed by a cup of soothing tea. The rejuvenation that you take away will be amplified by your inner happiness, productivity and well-being. Then, make time for your next spa appointment! Feel free to share below your favorite spa indulgences. I'd love to hear.