What is Mindful Beauty? This is a concept I embrace because I believe that every woman is beautiful. Beauty is more than one shape, size or specific age. Women are at their most beautiful when they fully embrace and celebrate their uniqueness, and right now is your time to shine.

So, what does mindfulness have to do with this? Media images and social messages are always showing us pictures of what someone at an ad agency has decided that we should look like. Nobody should have the power to make this decision for us. Without conscious awareness, we absorb these images, internalizing that this is what we should look like. Enter self-loathing and unhappiness, especially if it is a body type, age or racial group that is impossible for us to ever become.

It's time for us women to take our power and beauty back and not be told who we should be! I grew up Eurasian. My mom is from Japan and my dad is a Caucasian-American. No one bi-racial was considered beautiful when I was a child. Sometimes, I even thought something must be wrong with me. With great parenting and a strong consciousness, combined with the privilege to travel around the world, I fortunately realized that so much beauty exists in so many forms.

This Mindful Beauty forum will support you in celebrating your most beautiful you—YOU! And, when you strengthen your confidence in your own inner beauty, your outer beauty will shine. Let's enjoy the journey together.