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You'll notice that some blog posts contain affiliate products from brands that Shirley proudly supports. These products are carefully considered and selected by Shirley before they appear on her site to make sure you receive the best recommendations and research-based guidance. These products are available for purchase through the links in the blog posts. If you see a product you're interested in, but can't find the corresponding link, feel free to email us at





Does shirley offer coaching courses?

Coaching courses are coming soon! These courses will be include step by step processes, guides and resources to empower you to experience greater health and happiness in everyday life. To learn more, sign up for the Shirley Archer Newsletter to get the latest information.  





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Shirley does include affiliate products on her website.  These are carefully selected and curated to ensure brand alignment and quality standards.  If you're interested in having Shirley promote your product/brand or join your affiliate network please send an email to with details of the product and commission agreements.  





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Please email to request approval prior to resharing any of the articles on Shirley's website. All articles need to be credited to Shirley and linked back to her website.


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