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Shirley Archer is a meditation and mindfulness expert for high-powered women who struggle to break free from busy and be mindful from the inside out. Through her blogs, articles, books and podcasts, she’s here to eliminate overwhelm and inspire women to bring more peace into their lives, while making it all feel easy, calm and relaxing.

After working as a high-powered attorney in both New York City and Washington D.C., a bout with chronic fatigue syndrome inspired Shirley to dedicated herself to wellness and sharing better health with those around her. Since leaving Wall St., Shirley has authored 15 books on fitness and wellness, and has achieved certification in mindful modalities including yoga, Pilates and meditation. In addition to being an award-winning personal trainer, she's also a certified Spinning instructor and an award-winning group fitness instructor.

When she’s not blissed out in zen, you can find Shirley hiking with her beloved German Shepherd, Cheyenne either in the Swiss Alps or in sunny California, speaking at fitness conferences worldwide, and being featured in various high-profile media including USA Today, Washington Post, Fitness, Shape and


Shirley Archer is a meditation and mindfulness expert aimed at offering simple tools showing high-powered women in their mid 30s to mid 50s how to bring more peace into their lives. Shirley aims to be a leading online expert who helps women eliminate overwhelm and better their day-to-day experiences. Her goal is to grow an engaged, mindful community that experiences greater ease and calmness in everyday life.


Shirley Archer will change the way high-powered women approach the stresses of daily life. Her approach to meditation, health and wellness will inspire her community to live mindfully from the inside out. 



Shirley is a marvelous proponent of the joys and benefits of fitness. I have witnessed her success as a fitness trainer in the Stanford Health Improvement Program (a program that I founded). Her personal experience has shown her that enhanced physical fitness leads to enhanced “mental” fitness. Considerable pas indirect evidence of this link exists. She is a pioneer in leading us to a better understanding of these important “mind-body” connections.
— John W. Farquhar, M.D. Cardiologist, Professor of Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine Founder, Stanford Prevention Research Center Director, Stanford Wellness Center in Palo Alto, California

As a university educator myself for the last 20 years, I recognize in Ms. Archer three characteristics of the most effective teachers: superior depth and breadth of knowledge about her field; solid, individualized plans for long-term, beneficial behavior change; and a remarkable ability to connect with people personally, to convey the passion she clearly has for her life’s work, and to motivate people to want and to work for the good things she offers. What these characteristics have meant to me in the last 2 years include changes that are easily measured (I’m 20 lbs leaner and at a peak of physical fitness I haven’t seen since college) and those that aren’t so easily measured (these changes are part of my life now, I want to be fit, eat right, be active and engaged in the world, be well). I also see classmates who have been similarly changed, and I see people who are new to the class staying in the class.
— David W. Schaal, Ph.D. Stanford University Department of Neurosurgery

It is truly wonderful to have such esteemed and eloquent leaders represent our fitness community and specifically the American Council on Exercise. Your collective education and experience in our industry has helped to provide positive change to the lives of many.
— Ken Germano President, American Council on Exercise Founder, Operation FitKids

Her presentation was professional, inspirational and informative. Her books were a huge hit with our patrons.
— Annya Rizzo, City of West Palm Beach Public Library

Shirley is a well-known and accomplished writer in the health and fitness field. Her insightful articles appear regularly in industry as well as consumer publications. A great example of a practitioner, who understands the science of her craft, Shirley is actively involved in teaching and training as well as writing about a variety of fitness topics.
— Michael J. Spezzano, National Director of Health & Fitness, YMCA of the USA

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