Mindful Moments Podcast

Episode 4. Thought Awareness Meditation


An Introduction

This podcast, released monthly, features how to tips, guided meditations and visualizations, easy exercises to do at home and interviews with experts. Enjoy learning how to be more mindful in everyday life and how to start a meditation practice for beginners so you can get healthy, be fit, eat healthy, be your most beautiful self and increase happiness. Best-selling author, award-winning trainer and health educator, Shirley Archer, focuses on a monthly theme, to help you create the healthy life that you want. To learn more, go to http://www.shirleyarcher.com.

In This Episode

Thought Awareness meditation: Realizing that our minds are constantly busy and that we're not necessarily the “thought” or “feeling” that we are experiencing is critical to mindful living. This short 2-minute guided meditation encourages you to begin objectively to observe thoughts and feelings without necessarily reacting or judging.


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