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Welcome to Shirley Archer's library!

Shirley is a best-selling author of books about Pilates, toning, stretching, strength training, walking, water fitness and heart health. She integrates her philosophy of mindfulness and training from the inside out to create your healthiest, happiest and most beautiful self.

Shirley wrote each of the books you'll find on this page.  Her books are sold worldwide and translated into several languages. Many titles available as e-books.

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Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog

This inspiring collection of stories brings you into the heart and soul of 48 yogis who have transformed their lives through the power and practice of yoga and meditation.

Fitness 9 to 5: Easy Exercises for the Working Week

Featuring 75 easy exercises, these exercises can be performed while sitting at a desk and are the best defence against the office candy jar.

Pilates Fusion: well-being for Body, Mind and Spirit

Stretching, breathing, and mat based exercises with meditative visualizations to awaken the spirit - melding the best of Pilates with Eastern philosophy.

The Strength and Toning Deck

With 50 exercises, you'll be able to easily follow weight training routines for overall toning and conditioning.

Busting Out: Putting Your Best Breasts Forward

Just in time for swimsuit season, this book offers a revolutionary, all-natural program to enhance the breasts and a beautiful bust-line.

The Walking Deck

Find 50 simple and quick ways to incorporate the benefits of walking into your daily routine while easily reducing stress.

The Pilates Deck: 50 Exercises to Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone Your Muscles

A complete, easy to use training manual with 50 different exercises for both beginners and advanced Pilates lovers.

Future of Fitness

Are you bored in your health & fitness program? Do you find yourself underwhelmed with results or chronically injured?


The Everything Low Cholesterol Book

A sensible diet and fitness plan aimed at improving your health and overall well-being.

The Everything Weight Training Book

Quickly learn how weight training can improve health, strengthen bones, tone muscles, and boost metabolism.

The Everything Wedding Workout Book

Take care of you! Get in shape to start your new married life feeling and looking strong and beautiful.

101 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

From recognizing the risks to creating a diet & exercise plan, this guide is a straight-forward resource.


Weight Training for Dummies

Easy-to-understand instructions for complete beginners and information for more advanced weight lifters.


Mat Training

This book explains proper technique for 30 different exercises, along with benefits and risks associated with each.

ACSM’s Resource for the Group Exercise Instructor

This resource gives you the knowledge and skills you need to effectively lead group exercise.

ACSM’s Resource
for Personal Trainer

This valuable resource is the official ACSM preparatory tool for the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer(SM) exam.

YMCA Water Fitness
for Health

A well thought out, systematic approach to teaching and exercising in the water safely.