"Shirley is a marvelous proponent of the joys and benefits of fitness. I have witnessed her success as a fitness trainer in the Stanford Health Improvement Program (a Program that I founded). Her personal experience has shown her that enhanced physical fitness leads to enhanced "mental" fitness. Considerable past indirect evidence of this link exists, she is a pioneer in leading us to a better understanding of these important "mind-body" connections."

John W. Farquhar, M.D.
Cardiologist, Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
Founder, Stanford Prevention Research Center
Director, Stanford Wellness Center in Palo Alto, California

"Shirley is a very skilled exercise instructor who brings great enthusiasm to her training. As a participant in the Stanford Executive Management program I witnessed Shirley's abilities to engage business executives from all over the world in putting fitness first to start the day. Shirley's great personality combined with her impressive academic background and career experiences provides unique credibility to her proposition that maintaining strength of body provides leverage to growing strength of mind."

Randy Lohoff - Senior Vice President Health, Environment and Safety and Public Affairs
Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC

"What makes Shirley's work refreshing is her integration of many new and old disciplines, all underpinned by solid science. She is also one of the best examples of her own methods. Hers is a modern and effective approach."

Danny McNevin
World University Games Soccer team (1979)
Professional Soccer Player
Buffalo Stallions, New Jersey Rockets, Edmonton Drillers, Georgia Generals
Licensed Coach, United States Soccer Federation (USSF)

"Shirley took some time to help me with my jogging. Before working with her I couldn't be on an eliptical machine for more than 5 minutes. After just 30 minutes with her, I was on a machine for 30 minutes plus jogging further and less winded. I very much appreciate her help with my breathing and posture and recommend her to anyone needing her services."

Elizabeth Varian
1-2-3's of Internet Marketing

"As a university educator myself for the last 20 years, I recognize in Ms. Archer three characteristics of the most effective teachers: superior depth and breadth of knowledge about her field; solid, individualized plans for long-term, beneficial behavior change; and a remarkable ability to connect with people personally, to convey the passion she clearly has for her life’s work, and to motivate people to want and to work for the good things she offers. What these characteristics have meant to me in the last 2 years include changes that are easily measured (I’m 20 lbs leaner and at a peak of physical fitness I haven’t seen since college) and those that aren’t so easily measured (these changes are part of my life now, I want to be fit, eat right, be active and engaged in the world, be well). I also see classmates who have been similarly changed, and I see people who are new to the class staying in the class."

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David W. Schaal, Ph.D.
Stanford University Department of Neurosurgery

"It is truly wonderful to have such esteemed and eloquent leaders represent our fitness community and specifically the American Council on Exercise. Your collective education and experience in our industry has helped to provide positive change to the lives of many."

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Ken Germano
President, American Council on Exercise Founder, Operation FitKids(TM)

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Shirley Archer as a candidate for IDEA Instructor of the Year
recognition. I have had the opportunity to take her classes, observe her teaching one-on-one with others, and watch her present at conferences on numerous occasions. Shirley is an accomplished and rare instructor
because she excels in the dynamics of both personal training and group fitness. Examining many of her
workshops clearly shows a high effort of preparation from education, experience, and on-going self-development by attending workshops and conventions to enhance her own superlative skills.

I first got to know her six years ago. All local YMCA fitness directors and staffs were invited to attend a workshop being held at a San Francisco area YMCA. Shirley, fitness director at the Palo Alto YMCA at the time, was not only the sole fitness director to attend, but she also brought 14 staff members in tow. It was the first inkling as to the kind of fitness professional she is.

Shirley documents her programs and articles with references. Being able to translate theoretical science into useful application, she teaches intelligent exercise. I believe her breathtaking ability to connect to and touch so many people is due to her intelligent exercise is taught from the heart. Clients who train with her get much more than a workout. They receive the education and tools for improving one's health - physical, mental and spiritual. The leadership and instructional skills she employs are participant-oriented rather than exercise-oriented. The exercise is important, but more important is how the individual responds to the exercise. It’s a caring, compassionate approach, which few instructors understand, and even fewer are able to master. The books she authored effectively capture her interpersonal teaching spirit, bringing the message to the people who need it the most – the novice exerciser.

Ms. Archer’s leadership transcends the “next-hot-thing” trends that come and go in the industry. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge, which she shares to the fitness profession. She is the consummate talented educator; always open to comment and criticism. She should take great pride in the programs she develops, for they are some of the finest I have observed. She is a wonderful asset to our industry. If more instructors were like her, there would a lot less unfit people in the world."

Ken Alan, B.S.
Director, Ken Alan Associates Fitness Training

"Her presentation was professional, inspirational and informative. Her books were a huge hit with our patrons."

Annya Rizzo
City of West Palm Beach Public Library

"We found the presentation to be both informative as well as motivational. While being both professional and passionate about what she is teaching, she also leads by example...I would highly recommend Shirley as a presenter for any corporate setting."

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Gary Hines
Business Development Board

"Shirley is a well-known and accomplished writer in the health and fitness field. Her insightful articles appear regularly in industry as well as consumer publications. A great example of a practitioner, who understands the science of her craft, Shirley is actively involved in teaching and training as well as writing about a variety of fitness topics."

Michael J. Spezzano - National Director of Health & Fitness
YMCA of the USA

"Shirley offers a unique blend of traditional Pilates exercise with current concepts on health and fitness. From a personal viewpoint, I have found Pilates the ultimate way to develop core body strength while maintaining flexibility and alignment. I now recommend it for many of my sports medicine patients."

Michael Fredericson, MD - Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
Director, PMR Sports Medicine Clinics - Team Physician, Stanford Sports Medicine

"I've had the opportunity to read articles and watch presentations by Shirley Archer for over 10 years. Shirley has become a quiet giant in the fitness world. She takes complex and extraordinarily dull scientific research and transforms it into relevant, palatable and user-friendly material that you can use immediately. She's an accomplished translator and communicator of health and fitness information.

Her writing shows the utmost preparation from her education, practical experience and hours of attending professional events to stay on top of her game. Shirley documents her unceasingly well-rounded articles with references and is always open to comment and feedback. Her published articles in IDEA Health & Fitness Source have literally raised the standard of industry-related journalism.

I view her as a talented educator with a wealth of experience and knowledge which she is now generously sharing with her peers. Her work has enhanced the professionalism of a still evolving health and fitness industry."

Ken Alan - Ken Alan Associates (consultant to Richard Simmons)
EROBEAT MUSIC & VIDEO Los Angeles, California

"Shirley is a powerhouse of health and fitness knowledge. Add her practical experience and dedication to helping people enjoy health and fitness and the package is complete.

She is well known down under & has won the Author of the Year award from the Australian Fitness Network. I can think of no better way to get fit to enjoy life, than to work out with Shirley."

Dr. Robert Whitbourn, MD, MBBS, BMedSc, BSc(Hons) Cardiologist & Director of Coronary Care
St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Australia

"Talk about living your passion--with purpose and commitment. Shirley Archer left her career as a Wall Street lawyer to pursue her love of fitness & well being. She has been completely dedicated to spreading the gospel of well being -- both to professionals in the industry and to the public at large--and has done so with her individual style that combines wisdom, common sense and a joy that comes straight from the heart. When Shirley's involved you know, it'll be a class act."

Karen Andes - author of A Woman's Book mind-body trilogy
Published by Putnam Penguin

"Shirley Archer has taught many Pilates classes for our Health Education and Risk Reduction Training conferences. These conferences are intended for health professionals interested in learning more about multiple risk reduction for cardiovascular disease. Our attendees have found these classes to be extremely valuable not only in their own health, but also in sharing this experience with their patients. Stress management and exercise are key components to reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease and these types of classes are a great way to integrate healthy habits in a fun and exciting new way. The feedback from our attendees is always very positive and for that reason it has become a vital part of our conferences each year."

Annette N. Clark, MA - Project Manager
Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention - Stanford University School of Medicine

"I have discovered a unique individual that is committed to this field of physical activity and fitness leadership.  Shirley Archer has the dedication and genuine understanding of the needs of fitness professionals and has demonstrated repeatedly her commitment through her training and writing.  Shirley is an educated influencer and an asset to the fitness industry."

Katherine MacKeigan
Director, Provincial Fitness Unit
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

"Testimonials are often black and white, cold, austere summations of an individual. Shirley is literally the opposite!

She possesses the Colours of a Rainbow in her attitudes to life, sharing and lifestyle enhancement to all she touches. Her Warmth is like a Sun's Ray on a Winter's Morning, especially to those she reaches and leads whether personally or through her writings.

What more can I say of this very talented individual? She is both a dear friend and valued colleague, who whilst has breath will continue to share her warmth."

Dr. Gregory James Keyes - Ph.D. (Summa Cum Laude Honours), MBA (Honours), BA (Honours)
International fitness presenter based in Melbourne, Australia

"Shirley is extremely committed and passionate about her chosen field and this shows through in both her writing and her willingness to go that extra step to meet the needs of her publisher/readers.

Last year Shirley was awarded the 2001 Network Author of the Year Achievement Award in recognition of the valuable contribution she has made to the Network publications. This award is based on the success of the author's articles, as well as their writing skills, and willingness to contribute. Network readers select the winner, based on nominations made from the Network Editor.

It has been an enormous pleasure to work with Shirley and she has made my life as an Editor considerably easier since she has been involved with the Network publication. I have no hesitation in recommending Shirley to prospective employers as her professionalism, flair for writing and friendly nature makes her a 'dream author' for any editor/publisher."

Justine Northcott - Editor
Australian Fitness Network

"I had already worked with Shirley several times strictly by Internet before we actually met. She had contacted me to present a global perspective for numerous articles, and I was impressed with the fact that she saw fitness and well being from an international viewpoint and not just as an American phenomenon.

All of my impressions were confirmed within a few minutes of our actual meeting.... Shirley was still interested and curious and concerned about what was happening in other parts of the world...not only for her articles, but for enriching herself, and in turn sharing this information with others. What a pleasure to finally meet this truly dedicated individual."

Frederic Hoffman, M.Ed. - Team Manager
Reebok University & Fitness Consultant at Reebok France