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Balancing relationships, professional obligations and self-care is challenging, but your lifestyle should not be hazardous to your health. I survived trauma, a health crisis and a major career shift to became a meditation teacher and mindful living coach to share hard-earned knowledge to support you to TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Creating health and beauty begins with your mind and heart working as one. My approach blends Eastern wisdom and proven strategies to help you calm and clear your mind, so you can make the lifestyle choices to manifest your best self.

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Pilates Fusion: Well-being for Body, Mind and Spirit  |  by Shirley Archer

Create peace of mind and your best body with breathing exercises, visualizations that blend "Eastern Mind" with precise training exercises and postural cues.

Stretching, breathing, and mat based exercises with meditative visualizations awaken the spirit and meld the best of Pilates moves with Eastern philosophy.


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